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We are working on interesting, diverse projects. Our obsession is creatively serving learners on the edge. We’re exploring ideas such as Six Capitals, the Livelihoods Framework, and co-creating Youth Councils to reimagine life’s work.

The pages on this site offer a few examples of current projects such as CTE Mathematics, Open Education Resources, Youth Governance as a Service, and more. We’re in regular conversations with potential partners and strive to create a collective where we can all learn, earn, and contribute.

We’re advising a new collective in the UK, Come to the Edge, as they apply for funding with an amazing team, in the areas of verifiable credentials, trust metrics, fashion recycling/upcycling, and more.

At Downey Unified School District, we’re finishing up on supporting the development of one outdoor welding lab, two advanced manufacturing labs, one alternative fuels and advanced transportation lab, and all curriculum and articulation. We’ve finished curriculum for two years of Computer Science – Game Development and are assessing for improvements. We’re launching a new pathway in Plastics Engineering and Sustainability.

Our current Open Education Resource projects include Mathematics for Game Developers Spanish translation, Review Algebra in English and Spanish, Downey Platformer (Unity work-based learning workbook), and Advanced Placement for CTE Seminar. Materials are in progress at OER4CTE.org and AP4CTE.org. We’re launching Advanced CTE Mathematics – course curriculum and textbook as OER in 2023.

Thanks for taking a look and feel free to connect. Kelly