Youth Governance as a Service

YGaaS organizations increase youth engagement and trust as community stakeholders, customers, employees, or employers.

  1. Recognition – Organizations offer Youth digital or physical membership credentials with associated rights and duties in relation to organization governance (e.g., electing representatives and contributing to debates).
  2. Education – Learning communities offer Youth Work-based Learning (WBL) governance and civics workshops, courses, and collaborations that are current and relevant to industry needs—incorporating Open Education Resources (OER) curated by an x-disciplinary Community of Practice (COP) of participants, teachers, industry professionals, mentors, and experts.
  3. Employment – Organizations offer Youth opportunities to participate in governance tasks based on role and associated rights and duties, using a range of easily accessible web technologies.
  4. Accountability – Standardized Youth Trust Metrics offer transparent and cryptographic accountability that supports Youth, investors, and government verification of organizations’ actions and outcomes.
  5. Sustainability – Organizations access Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) datasets for investment, reporting, research, and regulatory compliance.


Youth lack of participation in governance causes a demographic deficit. This deficit challenges youth in accessing opportunities and contributes to skills shortages in high-growth sectors. Civil society suffers from intergenerational conflict and weakened democracies.

What’s next?

YGaaS increases youth participation in governance using a unique combination of experiential learning and accessible digital technologies to make governance accessible, verifiable, and accountable to youth.

YGaaS is a roots-first or bottom-up governance approach that will support communities in holding governing bodies to account and measuring compliance with community priorities. The YGaaS self-reinforcing system increases influence and access through education, employment, and community-defined trust metrics. YGaaS’ open-source model guides any governing body, organization, or community to create their governance services and define their trust metrics.


You are invited to participate in Livable Wage Jobs governance as a stakeholder. We are creating our Youth Council; to participate, register your interest in becoming an LWJ member or running for LWJ’s Youth Council by emailing

YGaaS – A Visual Primer

The Problem: The graphic below visualizes the cyclical nature of a youth democratic deficit model. Livelihood Assets are summarized in the linked .pdf document.

Graphics created by Nichola Hickman

The Solution: In contrast, the graphic below visualizes a living document addressing positive movement as Youth participate in governance.

The Potential to Scale: The graphic below visualizes a living document addressing Youth participation in governance, at scale.

A positive cycle of inclusion and benefits feeds positive livelihood assets and the good life as ethical beings.

A negative cycle of exclusion and harms creates isolation, reduces resilience, and provides openings for fundamentalist or radical ideas in a quest for belonging and recognition as a valued being.

Humans exist in relationship with each other. In Self and Other. Technology can serve as tool to validate identity, establish trust, and comply with governance principles or organization claims.

The intent of this page is to offer language or image and begin a conversation on Youth Governance as a Service. Please reach out to discuss, contribute, or participate.