Open Education Resources

We create Open Education Resources (OER) where students feel untethered, free to experiment, explore, fail, regroup, and accomplish. We encourage engagement with industry, embrace an open-source model for all curriculum and content, and curate a collaborative teacher community centered on practice.

We understand that although education is not easy, the way we teach and learn can be simple. All work, curriculum, articulation agreements, and course materials (activities, projects, assessments, lectures, presentations, etc.) are offered as OER, Creative Commons licensed (CC by 4.0), and meet all accessibility guidelines. The teacher’s online community of practice, more than a forum, offers chat, group topics, streaming events, and supplemental pathway materials.

Work-based learning is challenging; the gap between industry expectations and student levels of preparedness is daunting. Below is a list of current and in-progress OER produced by LWJ with its sister-organization 2 Degree Shift:

  • Mathematics for Game Developers text English: and Spanish publishes 11/22
  • Downey Platformer text: publishes 12/22
  • Downey Endless Runner text: publishes 6/23
  • OER4CTE website and teacher online community of practice
  • AP4CTE website and teacher online community of practice:
  • Review Algebra text: English and Spanish publishes 12/22